Tight knit roll-up pom pom toque

Product code: B03

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This garment can be customised in a number of standard zones. Please call if you don't see what you want.

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Product description

Our classic style pom pom toques are a fun traditional winter hat. They are made from soft tightly knitted acrylic yarn which means its holds it shape longer. The tight knit constructions mean this hat will take a detailed embroidery design very well. It also look fab with all of our different label options.

For a versatile toque why not try the fold over label so toque can be worn rolled up or down.

Available in 6 solid colours and 6 two tone options

  • Made from 100% soft acrylic
  • Tight/dense knit construction
  • Matching acrylic pom pom
  • Roll up cuff, can also be worn unrolled
  • One size fit most
  • 8" long when rolled, 11.5" long when unrolled (not inc pom pom)
Price range:

Price range from $11 to $17
including your label or embroidery

Customisation options: ( Explain more )

Embroidery or label

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Minimum order:
30 toques

Delivery time:
3 weeks

Sizes available:
One size

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