All about screen printing

Blackfish Clothing use screen printing to reduce larger runs of garments like T shirts, sweats and hoodies.


How does it work

The screen is a piece of fine mesh stretched over a metal frame which is coated with a photo-sensitive emulsion.  Your image is printed as a poitive on an acetate sheet, and this is exposed onto the screen with a very bright light.    Un-exposed areas don't solidify on the screen and the emulsion can be washed away, leaving a negative image on the screen.

The screen is mounted in a machine where it can be lowered onto garments as they pass by.  Bulk ink sits on the top of the screen and a squeegee is used to push the ink through onto the garment with a stroke across the screen.

Multi-colored designs use multiple screens, and the press holds these in register so the colors overlay correctly.   The inks are fixed in a heated drier.



Plastisol is the most common ink used in custom garment decoration. Good colour opacity onto dark garments and clear graphic detail with, as the name suggests, a more plasticized texture. This print can be made softer with special additives or heavier by adding extra layers of ink. 



Silk screen is well proven simple technology.  It is low cost and fast to operate once set up.


About Blackfish Clothing

Blackfish is based in Whistler and produces short run customised clothing.  We are unique in having silk screen printing, direct to garment, and embroidery all under one roof.