Labels and patches

labels and patches for custom garments

Our labels and patches are a great way to display your business logo or brand.

Custom made in your colours, sizes ​​and shape. These labels can add value to your headwear and clothing. 

Below is some more info on the different types of labels we offer. If you are unsure what type of label will work best for your project please get in touch. You can speak to a member of our team who can offer advice. 


Woven label

Woven labels are custom made for you. They can be made as a fold over label or a square or rectangular patch.  They can be any size but must have straight edges.
Woven label designs can have up to 6 colours. Small detail and intricate designs are no problem.

Fold over labels
Great for  toques as allows wear to roll toque up or down.  Can also use for on clothing over the bottom edge of t-shirts or inside neck label. These labels are sewn on one edge to create a loop

Patch style
Patch labels are sewn on flat usually around all 4 sides. These can look great on all types of headwear and also to add to clothing for extra branding.

Woven patch

Woven patches are constructed the same way as woven labels but the have a merrowed edge, the stitched border.

As with the woven labels these patches can be up to 6 colours.
These patches can be any shape you like.

We can add a glue on backing so patches can be attached either by iron or stitching.


Leather patch

Our real leather labels can give garments added quality and can be a great way to get your logo noticed.
Our leather labels are available in several shades of leather from tan to dark brown to black.

Labels can be circular, square or rectangular.   Due to their thickness, these labels are not available in a fold over style.