Black Fish Clothing is unique in Whistler in offering the widest choice of customisation in-house.    Where others specialise in one type of work, BlackFish will develop garments to meet your needs using all forms of customisation and craftwork.

We don't tackle clothing for the NHL teams as we can't print 20,000 garments a week!    Our work is more personal and we specialise in clothing for local businesses, teams and retailers.     We typically make runs of 6 to 600 garments tailored to your specific needs.   To make you stand out from the crowd.

Our showroom in Whistler has samples of blank and customised garments, come see us.   We will work with you to make something special.

Summary of main customisation options

We use four main customisation techniques

Customisation Embroidery Screen print Digital print Vinyl print
Min economic runs Needs artwork digitised
Then any number
20+  1 1+ 
Max image size Typically logo size Full garment front Full garment front Any size
Colors 15 colors included 1 color per screen Full color
Although light on dark garments is harder
Normally 1 color (although a full color process is possible)
Fabric  Any  Most Cotton based only Most
Used for Better garments Volume produced T shirts etc Low volume and personalised T shirts Sports and other gear
Especially man made fabrics


If you are unsure what is the best customisation technique, then just ask us to recommend.  


Labels, patches etc

In addition we can add labels and patches to the clothing.   This works particularly well with toques and caps, and can provide a stronger brand identity than embroidery.

The options here as follows - see picture too 

Customisation Embroidery Woven label Leather label Printed label Woven patch
Min economic runs  Needs artwork digitised
Then any number
 20+ 20+  20+  20+
Max size Typically logo size - up to 6" Typically up to 3" Typically up to 3"  Typically up to 3" Typically up to 3" 
Colors 15 colors included  Any colors Image is burnt on leather - so typically dark on light leather Any colors Any colors
Used for Standard garments Slightly more impact Stands out - quality look
Best with simple logos

Fast production

Slightly lower cost

Stands out well




Embroidered caps in Whistler

In embroidery, your design is sewed onto a garment using a needle and polyester thread. Our embroidery process is fully automated. Machines read a digitized pattern and reproduce the pattern onto your chosen garment. Some logos will need to be simplified to achieve the best embroidery results.

Our embroidery machines print in up to 15 colors.  The cost of embroidery will vary based on the number of stitches in your logo as bigger jobs take longer on the machine.

Screen print

Screenprint factory Whistler T shirt

The most common decoration method for custom t-shirts and sweatshirts is screen printing. 

Your custom design is exposed onto a mesh screen, washed, set up on our press then using a squeegee-type blade, the ink is passed through the screen onto the shirt. The ink is then dry cured through a conveyer dryer which raises the temperature of the ink to 320 degrees Fahrenheit.

The cost of screen printing varies by quantity and the number of colours in your design. Each time a colour is added to the design, a new screen needs to be made.

Digital printing

Direct to garment Brother printer sweatshort Whistler

We have the latest Brother direct to garment (DTG) digital printers which can print anything from one colour, to multicolour to photographs onto cotton based garments.    Think of them as very expensive specialist ink-jet printers that print on clothing!

The special inks are heat sensitive and sealed after printing using a heat press.

Digital print is suitable for short runs and personalised garments.  Printing is in full color - and it is even possible, although slightly more expensive, to print light colors on a dark background.

 Vinyl print


Small custom orders, or those that involve extremely detailed and colourful artwork, commonly use vinyl print. In this method of decorating, your logo is cut from a special vinyl media and then heat pressed onto the garment. 

Vinyl print can be selected as the decoration method for as little as 1 item.