About Embroidery

The use of embroidery for decoration and branding is now commonplace. Widely used on clothing, accessories and textiles for interiors it has become an integral part of our visual world. When compared with print, embroidery is more three dimensional; offering high lustre and/or textured effects. 

Blackfish Clothing uses the best Tajima computer controlled embroidery machines. They are specially engineered machines that have a 15 needle fixed ‘embroidery head’ and a frame holder that moves the framed product (for example a garment like a T shirt) in either of two directions so that the embroidery design can be sewn.

Digitising your image

The process of interpreting the artwork in stitches is both a technical and creative process.  It starts with digitising your image - turning it from your artwork into a series of motion control commands for the embroidery machine.

Technical requirements would consider the type of fabric to be embroidered on.  In particular whether the stitching needs support from a backing applied on the rear of the garment.

The creative process is the interpretation of the design in stitches.  The digitiser will create blocks using different stitch types, different angles of stitching and changes of colour. The stitches in the design will normally be created in the order in which they will be embroidered on the machine. So, for example, if the design has a background fill with detail on top, the background would be created first and then the detail added. 

The digitised file is kept and can be re-used at any time.

The embroidery process

The design is sent to the memory of the embroidery machine.   The needles are numbered and each is threaded with a different colour.  Our machines have 15 needles which can all have different colored threads.

The fabric to be embroidered is secured in a frame (or hoop) to hold it secure so that it can be moved about accurately by the embroidery machine pantograph.  Framing also serves to stabilise the fabric to stop distortion whilst it is being stitched. 

Further support is added by applying backing to the fabric which is a paper-like product inserted under the fabric and is often also framed with it.

Unlike a conventional sewing machine the computerised embroidery machine is driven automatically moving in any direction within a specified field, changing needles (color), trimming thread and stitching at speeds of up to 1200 stitches per minute.

Larger or more complex designs will involve more stitches and will thus be on the machine for longer.  That makes them slightly more expensive.

Advantages of embroidery

Embroidery looks smart and makes small things like logos stand out on clothing.   Our embroidery machine will work with up to 15 colors without any extra cost. 

Once your logo is digitised it can be re-used on multiple garments from caps to shirts and jackets.

About Blackfish Clothing

Blackfish is based in Whistler and produces short run customised clothing.  We are unique in having silk screen printing, direct to garment, and embroidery all under one roof.